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Erin Condren February Flip-Through

Did the month of February fly by for anyone else or was it just me? Between preparing for my second month of marathon training, my best friends wedding, and everything at work finally beginning to start picking up again I feel like I blinked and here we are – three days away from March. Holy Crap!

One thing I love doing at the end of the month as I plan for the next is to flip through the last few spreads in my planner and take note of what worked and what didn’t. This month I wanted to share a) all of my completed spreads and b) those thoughts as we move into March.




My original theme for this month was to keep with a very muted color scheme. That obviously transitioned over into a romantic love theme – kinda works since this was for February. I am not a huge mushy gushy person and do not like Valentine’s day, but this year I didn’t have that much of a gag effect with all of the love bugs around. I also wanted to play around with white space planning. I loved the addition of white into the full spread and allowed me to use many other deco stickers that may have distracted or taken away if I had no white space.

Monthly Spread | February Petals (MPDesignCo)

I originally ordered this kit with the plan to keep far far far away from the stereotypical soft romantic love theme normally associated with this month. I liked this kit by MPDesignCo because she kept the pink to a bare minimum. Instead of choosing the main colors to be a muted forest green and deep black. Now looking back I wish I had planned more in advance. I would have probably gone with a design that mixed better with the overall theme of the month. Oh well! I still love it!

Stickers I Used:

February Petals | Momenta Marriage Sticker Set | MAMBI Birthday Banner

WEEK 1 | Marble (TheWanderlustPlanner)

This kit was different for me because it was my very first weekly kit that was a printable. I do not have a silhouette or any other cutting machine other than my handy dandy Exacto knife. I have and normally still use printables for my monthly notes pages and for random sticker needs, but I really loved this kit and decided to give it a try. I did not have an issue with the cutting everything – it just took more time and patience. I finally found a reason to use my Erin Condren ruler as a guide for my lines!

Stickers I Used:

Marble | Hydrate Daily Tracker | MAMBI Quote Sticker | Glitter Headers | Wedding Countdown

WEEK 2 | February Mystery Kit (StickerBloom)

To say I was and still am OBSESSED with this kit is an understatement. I purchased this kit from this shop because it has historically been one of my favorites! Consistently the kits provide everything I need – just the right amount of half-boxes and quarter boxes, a HUGE piece of what I look for when choosing to purchase a kit. When I opened my happy mail package, I couldn’t wait to plan the week of Valentine’s Day. I knew this week was going to be a busy one for me. You will notice that not only was their the dreaded Valentine’s Day, but my brothers birthday was on the 15th, and it was finally wedding weekend! This week I did not add a MAMBI quote to the bottom left corner. Instead – I used my Erin Condren corner file flag to add a space to keep the invitation for the Wedding (see photo below).

Stickers I Used:

February Mystery Kit | Mardi Gras Countdown | Erin Condren Corner Pockets | Glitter Headers | Wedding Countdown | Momenta Marriage Sticker Set


WEEK 3 | Modge Podge

Again – I did not plan as well for all of the weeks in February. I know, I know – what the point of a planner if not to plan! I was swept up in wedding festivities and did not realize that I had not ordered my kit I had planned on using for this week. Instead, I decided to used leftover stickers and some Happy Planner full boxes from one of my MAMBI sets. I am okay with the way the full spread eventually turned out, but it is definitely lacking a lot. 🙁

Stickers I Used:

 Mardi Gras Countdown | MAMBI Full Boxes | Gold To-Do List | Glitter Headers | Watercolor Sticker | Various Samplers from different Shops

I had a love/hate relationship with this month. My ideas for what I wanted to do ended up to be exactly what I avoided. Heading into March, I am excited to get away from pink – if you haven’t guessed it’s not my favorite color! Hopefully, this next month my spreads will only continue to improve.

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