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Erin Condren July Flip Through

One of my favorite things to do is to flip back through my ECLP and admire my past spreads. Does anyone else get an odd sense of satisfaction by doing so? We are officially half way through 2017 which means my ECLP is busting at the seams and beginning to have a bit of a weight issue.

Erin Condren Flip Through July 2017

July was one very busy month for me! I finished my Chicago bucket list, celebrated the birthday of the best country in the world, took a road trip with my brother, and oh yeah started a new job in a new city half way across the country. I am so excited to show you my spreads for this month.

July Monthly Spread

With this month beginning with the Independence holiday my monthly theme for the month obviously revolved around freedom and America’s birthday. The Fourth of July is quite possibly my favorite holiday. My family always shoots off fireworks (and cross our fingers our neighbors do not call the cops), my brother paints a patriotic mural in our front yard, and not to mention I am normally working a baseball game – America’s past-time.

Monthly Spread | God Bless America (Personal Design)

This monthly spread is very special to me because I designed it myself. Because the holiday is so important to me I spent a ton of time trying to find the PERFECT spread without any luck. I finally decided that I would create my own, combining all of the design elements I want in a spread. I can honestly say that while I did have some issues and things I would/will change next time, I am VERY happy with the outcome.

Other Stickers I Used:

Fourth of July ClipArt | Manicure Emojis | Flow the Ladybug

What the Shell? Spread

WEEK 1 | What the Shell? (DeandraDesigns and SweetFoxPaperie)

Historically my family is always at the beach the week before the fourth and the week of the fourth. This year we did not make the annual trip, but I wanted to do something to make me feel as though I had my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand. I combined two kits from Deandra Designs (full boxes, bottom washi, check lists) and Sweet Fox Paperie (date covers, side bar, and deco) to create this amazing spread. I love the way the sailor blue, sand, silver, and red all work effortlessly together. I have also decided that I am obsessed with a hydration tracker in the side bar rather than an individual tracker each day.

Stickers I Used:

Flight Tracker | Geometric Washi | Weekend Banner | Grocery Penguin

Independence Week Spread

WEEK 2 | Independence Week Spread (a whole bunch of shops)

The only week second to my birthday week is the week of the Fourth of July! Just like my monthly spread, I could not find a kit that had the perfect everything I was looking for. That meant I was left to improvise. Obviously – this spread is not complete. I was planning on designing my own full boxes, but have not had the time to get around to printing them out yet. The other items used in my spread are linked below. This was also the last week I was in Chicago, which meant each day I was busy finishing my Chicago Bucket List (click here to read more on my downtown adventures).

Stickers I Used:

Checklists | Bottom Washi | Moving Car | Date Covers | Gardening Unicorn

Toy Story Spread

WEEK 3 | Toy Story (My Pink Paperie)

Who doesn’t love Toy Story? I recieved most of this kit in an “Opps Grab Bag” from My Pink Paperie. I decided to use this kit this week because this was the week I had been waiting for all year long! It was MOVING WEEK! I planned an entire two-day road trip with stops along Route 66, the Rock and Roll Highway and many more. Later this week be sure to check back in to read more on all of our crazy stops.

Stickers I Used:

Date Covers | Movie Marquis | Summer Emotis | #Adulting Script

Pineapple Spread

WEEK 4 | Pineapple Week (Hurricane Randi Co)

After being out of work for the last month and a half my excitement to getting back to the rise and grind of being an adult was at an all time high this week. I had originally purchased this kit from Hurricane Randi Co to use during the month of May for my all fruit themed month. I ended up not using this kit until now. The colors just speak to my excitement and enthusiasm of starting my first week at my new job (more to come on this in a later blog post).

Stickers I Used:

Girl Boss | Cleaning Unicorn | Instagram Doodle | Mani Emotis

Coffee Addict Spread

WEEK 5 | Coffee Addict (Rise and Plan)

After being back to work for a week, I remembered why I used to almost inject myself with caffeine every morning. The first two weeks our department was spending every night on a PR tour for the upcoming football season. This week we were beginning the traveling portion of the tour with stops in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans. New hotel rooms every night meant more coffee every morning. I loved being able to see parts of this state I have never seen before, but there was nothing like coming back to my apartment and sleeping in my own bed once again at the end of the week!

PS. Can we talk about how cute the hydration trackers are with this kit! LOVE!

Stickers I Used:

Summer Emoti | Pay Day Unicorn | Church Chapel

This month was a world wind of an adventure. I loved every moment of it and hope that this is the start of a fantastic second half of 2017.

With the first half of 2017 behind us, I am thinking about doing a rewind post an update on my New Years Resolutions. Have you been keeping track of how yours are progressing? I want to be candid and honest on a month to month overview of my ups and downs with all of mine for this year. Thoughts?

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