Who said Cinderella's slippers had to be heels?

The Coffee Shop Conversation


Everyone has had that conversation at the coffee shop (or wherever you frequent) in which you make small talk with the person in front of you trying to get to know them – yada yada. So here is my coffee shop conversation with you!

My name is Kelsey! I am a small town transplant into a BIG city – trying to navigate my way around my first post-college job, build a career, cultivate friendships, and enjoy life. I am obsessed with online shopping and hate the rain. I graduated from an SEC University (RTR) in 2015 with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. I am currently working for a minor league baseball team as their Director of Community Relations. After interning with the team in the summer I was hired on full time. I handle community appearances and outside aspects of the teams brand in the community.


I have a younger brother and two dogs – Cosmo and Dozer. People always ask me where I am from – which in my opinion might be one of the hardest questions for me to answer. My family and I moved frequently while I was in school. If you want to know the last place I lived – Alabama, where I have lived the longest – North Carolina, where I graduated High School from – Texas. See, kind of confusing. I loved moving! It gave me the opportunity to meet new people, discover new traditions and cultures, and learn so much about my strengths and weaknesses.


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