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My Erin Condren Planner Obsession


Everyone remembers those UGLY, boring, spiral bound agendas you received each in August at the beginning of a new school year. More than likely, they ended up lost in the bottom of your locker or your backpack by the end of the first week. Yeah, yeah, yeah – you promised yourself each year that you would actually use yours to prioritize and write down assignments, practices, etc, but let’s be honest who wants to write in those things!

I have always been a “planner”. I get an extreme satisfaction of flipping through week by week and re-living the stress and busyness of my life and remembering that I completed everything. I was the student at school who automatically threw my school issued agendas into the trash because the first thing I always bought for Back to School was a new, pretty, colorful planner. Never one to keep a journal or a diary, my planner was both my sanity keeper and my brain dump. Throughout high school, college, and now into my adult life and career, keeping a yearly calendar has remained one of my constants.

As with a baseball player and his glove or a punt kicker with his cleats, I am very particular on what type of planner I use. Each year I would spend hours (okay – maybe just 30 minutes) scouring over the Target office supplies trying to find the ONE for that particular year. It was not until my sophomore year in college that I was introduced to the real cause of what I now know is a planner addiction – my Erin Condren Life Planner.

Half way through my fall semester of school at Alabama, I somewhere, somehow lost my monthly calendar. Distraught and complaining to my roommate over this DISASTER and the absolute lack of options available at our local office supply stores she mentioned a new agenda company her mother used. An agenda that was vertically formatted, had a durable binding and cover, with multiple ways of personalizing each one – SAY IT AIN’T SOI SIGN ME UP! I spent hours (no exaggeration here) on the Erin Condren site building my perfect new gift to myself. Three years later and I am still just as obsessed, if not more, with planning and the Erin Condren brand than before.

So what exactly makes the ECLP the holy grail of all planners?

  1. The personalization

  2. Durability

  3. Space for goal and memory keeping

This year I have decided to not only use my Erin Condren as a brain dump, calendar, and to-do list, but also as my creative outlet. Many people may be familiar with the idea of a bullet journal or a journaling bible – well my Erin Condren is a combination of both. Enabling my Etsy obsession, this new outlet allows me to design each week around a color scheme and creatively display my activities rather than just using text.

I will be chronicling each week and my “planner spreads” on Instagram along with the stores and techniques I use. Feel free to join me there and leave some planner love!

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