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Wedding Weekend Trip in Review

I took a long weekend away from work to celebrate the marriage of one of my best friends from college. It has been almost one year since I have been back in Alabama and to say I was excited for the chance to go back is an understatement. 

I left Thursday morning bright and early to beat Chicago rush hour traffic – that’s right – I drove! I had a friend from college who was also a wedding guest that drove with me and kept me company, a luxury I normally don’t have during the trip. The celebration and festivities started on Saturday and by Monday morning we were headed back to the Windy City. 
Alabama is consistently warmer than much of the United States, especially Chicago. When planning this trip, I don’t know what I was more excited for – the Wedding or escaping the winter in Chicago! This past weekend was no exception. Each day hit a high in the high-60’s to mid-70’s. Except for in the morning on Saturday the sun was bright and shining all weekend long. The weather just added to the beauty of the weekend. I was able to run outside on Friday morning, explore the hills of Birmingham on Saturday, and the Bride was able to move the ceremony outside on Sunday rather than stay indoors. At night, the temperature dipped down into the 50’s and all I wanted to do was sit outside by a bonfire and roast marshmallows! 🙂
My friend who was getting married and her now husband had purchased a house for themselves in Septemeber. Being that both families are very traditional southern baptist, my friend did not “move in” until the Thursday I got there. Their house is the quintessential first family home – 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with a quaint backyard, and absolutely NO FURNITURE. Besides the beds and huge entertainment system in the living room, the house was lacking that female touch. The good thing about the house is that it is such a blank slate. The development is all new construction and they will be able to make all of the design choices (paint colors, theme decorations, and landscaping) themselves going forwards. The best thing about her new house is their location – 15 minutes away from nearly everything without them being on top of them.
Let me start out by saying one thing – BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! Yes! That’s right! When my friend asked me to be a part of her special day she didn’t have many details hashed out other than the date and the fact that she would somehow have waffles and donuts at her reception. After that choice was made the wedding took care of itself. The ceremony and reception took place at Mathews Manor in Springville, AL.Because the weather was so nice, the bride decided to nix original plans to have both the ceremony and reception inside and have to deal with a room flip. Instead, choosing to hold the ceremony outside the barn in the late afternoon with guests filling up to the barn for all of the yummy goodness and festivities to follow. Unlike many weddings, my friend chose to have not one, not two, not three kids in her wedding, but SIX! She is a preschool teacher and all six children hold a special place in her heart. The bridesmaids learned the trick to keeping them calm and quiet during the rehearsal – Shopkins Gummies. Whenever one of them would get fussy or anxious we would hand them a gummy we had loaded our pockets with prior to walking down the aisle.
Now for the important part – the food! The reception featured a waffle bar, with your choice of chocolate chip or plain waffles, and toppings ranging from maple syrup, fruit, sprinkles, whip cream, and m&m’s. To assist in the food coma from the waffle bar was a hashbrown bar –
complete with enough toppings to make a healthy person have a coronary. I was in heaven – and that was before the best part – DONUTS! The bride has always been a donut fiend! Ask her to choose between her husband and a donut and she would choose the second every time. It was no wonder she chose to nix the traditional wedding cake in replace for specialty ordered donuts from The Heavenly Donut Co. If you weren’t in a food coma by then you sure were after eating one of the donuts.
There are so many more things I did, I was there for 3 days and while I was helping prepare for the wedding I wanted to spend more time back in Tuscaloosa. This was an amazing weekend and I can not wait for the next of my friends to get married! 🙂


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