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Weekly Will Do’s : Sept. 6th

WeeklyWill Do'sI have made it through my first season in minor league baseball friends! I wasn’t sure that that would be the case some days – but to be able to come out on the other end is a great accomplishment I am going to celebrate. I will post more on my year in review and lessons learned later this week. One take away I will give you is that in-season leaves you with many desires and wishes of things to complete in the off-season. Thus, as one of my first acts of freedom, I am putting my effort into completing that wishlist!

During the off-season, I want to better myself in preparation for 2017. Be that mentally, physically, spiritually, and intelligently. My wish-list of in-season items are now going to become my Will-do list (I am not calling this a To-Do list or goals list because there is a certain aura about “will” that motivates me TBH get shit done!”. Each week I am looking to tackle 3-4 things to better myself. I will recap and review each prior week – looking to build on successes during the current week.

Weekly Will-Do List: Sept. 6th

  1. Begin diet and exercise regimen to train for upcoming bikini competition (more on this choice and updates later – pinky promise)
  2. Organize and clean both my office and apartment to start to off-season on a new slate.
    It is amazing what a 6 game home stand can do to my car, my office, and my apartment. Sweaty T-shirts, Khaki shorts, and Tennis shoes litter every square space in my room more often than not. I switched offices half way through the season and inherited a hoarders worth of non-essential paper trails for every thing under the sun. My car – Ha! My car could be found in either one of two states this year. Either a 40 year old mans computer nerds basement apartment at his parents littered with empty take out containers and bags OR the epicenter of a craft war explosion! Can anyone guess how many car washes it takes to get window paint off! Th
    e lack of time and energy to take care of all three just made everything pile on top. Which is why I want to deep clean – spring clean if you must – all three spaces in order to give me a fresh start!
  3. Get on track with my finances – unpaid bills, savings, etc.
    Similar to my apartment, office, and car – my finances have taken a back burner to work. Most of my mail is being sent to my parents address rather than my apartment – just one more thing I need to take care of. With that most of my mail is only delivered to me when I head back there for dinner once every two weeks. More than likely by the time I drive the hour back home, I forget about the bills and mail. They have ended up on a pile at the corner of my dresser. The really important bills I have made sure to pay and what not but things such as a parking fee and a few other miscellaneous items remain in limbo.
  4. Utilize lunch to spend in devotional and personal time with the Lord.
    This was one of the many things I learned from my time as an intern with the team last year and did not prioritize correctly for it this season. Sunday 1 PM games are not suitable for me being able to attend service. And with Saturday nights normally out of the question too, I have found my self very distant from my personal relationship with God. I know he has never left my side and has been calling be back to him every day. I have a desire to delve into his grace and spend quality time learning and listening to him. I was in the middle of a study into God’s love and the transforming power knowing such love has on our lives in Beth Moore’s Breaking Free¬†when I moved to Chicago. After the move with all of the craziness, my daily time with the Lord was pushed to the back burner. I will be prioritizing him and our relationship this week – looking to grown in faith and love for him.

I am hitting the off-season hard with week one. I think each of these Will-Do’s speak specifically to an area in which I felt lacking during the season. Fingers crossed next week when I update you I will be able to say all of my Will-Do’s have become and Will-Done!

What do you think of To-Do lists or Weekly Goals? Do they motivate you or do you find yourself being discouraged at the end of the week but what still remains unfinished?

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