Who said Cinderella's slippers had to be heels?

Why Me?

I have never been one to journal or even keep a diary when I was younger. Every year around Christmas time, my nana would find the newest journal or diary (you remember the ones with the voice activated passwords) and wrap it to put under the tree. So why blog? Great question!

The simple answer – I LOVE to talk and I am great talking about topics I LOVE! In the months since graduating college and moving to a new city starting a new job, I found myself with a great amount of things to talk about and share, everything from the stories of getting lost in the city to the lessons I learn as a woman in the sporting industry.

I am a blog lover – I find myself loosing time reading up on the newest food concoction or the next DIY trend. Blogs are my almanac of information. I want to reach those who are interested in the same topics I write, those who get lost in the web of information.

I hope that the information I share will help others, inform other, and entertain others! I hope readers will laugh and learn, engage and entertain, love and share. As we get to know one another throughout these next few months, I hope you will learn with me, engage with me, and laugh with me!

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